Tones for the Bones

In the tradition of Iona’s mythical singing healers

I provide specialized singing to help guide your body back towards wellness giving loving attention to all the little corners that need to be sung to.

I provide training for active voices, help for the troubled voice, and voice recovery for health.

I am certified in McClosky Vocal Technique, and am a licensed level one practitioner in the TOMATIS® method: a sensorineural auditory stimulation.

If you would like help finding your voice, or learning to let your body breathe itself, contact me today.

Tomatis for Singers – Testimonial Compilation from Calypso on Vimeo.


Two tips for a more appealing voice:

1. Remember to breathe before saying something, every time.
2. Drink lots of water, stay hydrated.
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It’s no crime!

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