Learning How to Befriend Your Voice

“Rose Diamond’s warm tones, voice modulation, and breathing tips create a kind of trance in me during my lessons. The relaxation and breathing allow me to create a quality of sound and reach notes that I never dreamed possible.”

“Rose’s work with me is about how true communication begins with my
whole-hearted, unified intention, breath and sound. With each breath I
take, I have learned that I may free my voice [by allowing] the flow of my breath to express the ecstatic joy of being alive. She has helped me to re-connect with my essence.”

“How less cumbersome is my voice now and my need to return to its use as primary in reclaiming of self I am engaged in; how crucial to this particular journey is lightening the load.”

“I have taken only a handful of lessons over the past year whenever I
could with Rose. For the first time in years I have not ‘lost my voice’ during the winter months in the classroom. I am happy to have my speaking health back for the first time since early childhood.”

“The fact that I am actually singing after so many years of fearful
silence amazes and excites me. For this I am grateful.”

-students of Learning How to Befriend Your Voice

“I am familiar with the McClosky technique, and with Rose Diamond’s work. I recommend this approach to the production and maintenance of a healthy voice for anyone who wants or needs training in speaking or singing.” – Dianne Pierson, MD


“Thanks again for sending me your new CD…
Congratulations. Well done!…The flow of material takes the listener on a coherent journey. Your singing is so free and easy. You do indeed represent McClosky technique very well. Beautiful!…Your recordings have inspired me.”
-Eric Bronner

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a delight to hear you again. Your voice has such power and range and the songs are so heartfelt. Great to hear the Lotus songs again. Wonderfully expressive. Beautiful arrangements. Congratulations to you on a profound and musical gift.”
-Janne Henshaw

“Thanks for the CD – it sounds wonderful. Good work on everybody’s part…. mixing, mastering and, oh, yes – performing. I’m proud to be a part of it.”
-Will Patton

“Thank you so very much for the new CD! The songs are so heartfelt and the autoharp accompaniments are truly lovely. The instrumentals are great–man, do they zing! Lady, you sure can play that thing!”
-Lisa Ornstein

“I love your melodies and am really glad to be a part of it! Beauty!” -Tim Cummings

“Hello Augusta Rose,
I am in my studio today listening to your CD….which has the words “when what I am refuses what I was…” I bought it at the holiday sale and listened to it constantly during my week driving around in the Berkshire/Hudson Valley area where I was observing at the Hawthorne Valley
school. I listened to your incredible voice and incredible music as I drove the narrow winding roads of that area. It has echoed the depth and beauty of this time of year. Thank you for sharing your amazing heart filled songs…beautiful musicianship all around.” – Emily and John

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