The best solos are sung while the singer is joining what is imaginitively already being sung. Likewise, there is a place for every voice in community and the woods would be quiet, indeed if only the nightingales were allowed to be heard. Would we give up the birthright of voice if we knew that it was accessible and acceptable? If it is true that each of us holds part of the consciousness whole, how would we share it if we tacitly believe in reliquishing our portion of what could be sung or spoken because of hidden fears and other unacknowledged issues?

This fellow has two left feet and can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Creativity: Saying yes and keep saying yes

In the absence of a singing community, a community that sings, single voices are disempowered, disembodied from place and belonging. Feelings of resentment, abandonment and distrust become the norm about the disenheritance. Then a kind of egalitarian-totalitarianism grows to fill the void where we join together but not to sing, instead to remind each other through gallows laughter and mututal repression tactics to preserve the non-verbal agreement not to disturb the new status quo, and to not noticing the painful feelings of powerlessness surrounding the loss of our birthright, our natural ability to ‘give voice’ or be in our voices.

Notice: your limiting statements about your own desire to create, sing…

Have there been opportunities to sing where saying yes felt too risky?

Observe when statements of envy that limit your own desire but grant the green light to someone else maybe more accomplished who fills you with ‘anger’ instead of joy?

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